Castles and Palaces of Podillia of the XV-XVIII centuries

The fortress of Medzhibizh

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Medzhibizh is a city and fortress known from the times of Kiev Rus. In the ancient chronicles the cities situated on Southern Bug are mentioned, among The fortress of Medzhibizhwhich Mezhibozhzhia played not last role. We are talking about the Medzhibizh castle, which became very famous in time of the late Middle Ages. In 1240 the fortress was besieged and was taken by an attack, and then was destroyed by the forces of Batiy. In the next century the castle was reconstructed by the princes Koriatoviches, those nephews of Olgerd, who did many things for Podillia and Bratslavshchina in the middle of XIVth century. Like the other strengthenings of that time, the Medzhibizh fortress was wooden. After the capture by the Polish king Kazimir the Volynsk Lands the castle passes to the property of the prince Lubart for some period of time. The new times in Medzhibizh came after the known magnates and militarians Seniavskis became the owners of the city and castle in 1540. They radically reconstructed the old wooden strengthenings and soon they built towers and walls of the new stone building. The new castle The fortress of Medzhibizhrepeated a configuration of the old and also was located on a triangular cape between Southern Bug and Bozhok. Besides, the fortress surprisingly successfully entered in an environmental landscape. From the point of view of the fortification Medzhibizh castle is a transitive type to the castle-palace, it has united features of architecture of fortresses and forms of theThe tower of the fortress in Medzhibizh Renaissance. It had free planning, according to the relief of the district. The three towers were located on the western part of the fortress, where there was an entrance; the east wall was protected only by one tower, but it has huge sizes and complicated configuration. Two palace complexes, which “ran up” to the protection of the castle walls are located. A history of the Medzhibizh castle is interesting and instructive. This building saw many events on its age, and always overcame the difficult situations with honor. In 1566 Medzhibizh has sustained the Tatar siege. In 1516 army of 100 thousand Crimean warriors came to the city, but they didn’t risk to assault the fortress. Not once the enemy armies of some generations of Siniavskis were defeated near Medzhibizh. The Medzhibizh fortress did not sustain only the Turkish aggression in 1672, but we know that the army of Magomet IV could subdue the more powerful Kamenets castle that year. Staying in Medzhibizh, the Turks considerably strengthened the castle, decorated it on "Leliva" - the coat of arms of the Siniavski's - the owners of Medzhibizhthe east manners. A mystery of so-called “Turkish castle” on an island Rakovets is connected with the period of the Turkish management of the history of Medzhibizh. Many legends are connect with this building. One sources connect it to the Turkish garrison of Medzhibozh, others approve, that it is the castle of the Semigradskiy prince Rakotsi, who also was here. It is interesting, that the building connected with the Medzhibizh castle by the underground passage. There are many underground passages on this area, for example, the main tunnel to the Letichiv castle (it is 40 km!), and, probably, to Khmilnik and Starokostiantiniv. In XVIIIth century the castle lost strategic importance. It wasn’t destroyed and today we can observe powerful walls and bastions of the Medzhibizh castle, comparing the seen with the stories of the historical annals and chronicles.

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